Trials Frontier – dangerous bike challenge

Trials Frontier erapid games review

Trials Frontier – Games Review

Ubisoft is a very good game developer and publisher that always tries to bring something new and exciting to the table. And while on the desktop platforms delivering open worlds is essential for them, when it comes to the mobile world, Ubisoft brings unique games such as Trials Frontier where control is everything.

Trials Frontier erapid games review

Trials Frontier allows you to explore some vast levels only with the help of your motorcycle. You need to try and reach the end of the levels as fast as possible, but there are numerous challenges that you will have to face as you play. The interesting thing about Trials Frontier is that all tracks take full advantage of physics, but many of them have their own unique twists, so we are fond of the fact that you never get bored. In fact, the main challenge will be to beat your own time or the one posted by your friends. As expected, the game does have leaderboards, so in the end it will be a race against the other times in order to become the champion.

The levels are very hard most of the time though, especially if you are inexperience in this particular type of skill games, but the results are well worth the time investment. There are different types of missions that you can engage yourself into and, what’s even more important, you can explore the world at your own pace. In our experience, the massive game world can provide more than 40-50 hours of play, which is something unseen from a mobile game in our opinion.

Trials Frontier erapid games review

Additionally, there are 10 different environment types, and each one of them brings and additional set of challenges into the mix. Our favorite portion of the game is of course controlling the bike, and thankfully we can unlock more than 10 different bikes, each one coming with its own set of unlocks. Added up, the title offers around 70 different tracks to master, which is a lot!

Graphically, Trials Frontier is one of the most graphically appealing skill games that you can play on a mobile device. It might not be perfect, but from a visual standpoint it’s well worth it. The soundtrack in Trials Frontier is also quite good, with some funky tunes and a great setup that makes the game feel more personal at times.

Trials Frontier erapid games review

We do have to say that you get a ghost racing mode where you can race against your own ghost or one from the leaderboards, which is really neat if you are a competitive person.

In conclusion, Trials Frontier is a game that places a lot of emphasis on your skill, and it doesn’t hold your hand in this regard. This is a very good game filled with funny elements, but rest assured that there are lots of challenges as well. It’s certainly recommended if you fancy a challenge!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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