TripTrap – in the pursuit of a cheese

triptrap erapid games review

TripTrap – Games Review

After playing way too many AAA games you sometimes find the need to relax and enjoy a much simpler, cute game with some neat mechanics. TripTrap is exactly the game that you need in this particular situation, as it enables you to use the intellect in order to solve some cute puzzles with lots of different solutions.

In TripTrap you control Ched, which is a small mouse that wants to get to its cheese as fast as possible in order to eat it. The interesting thing about the game is that you will have to guide your character through lots of interesting locations in order to help him get to the desired outcome. Of course, you will have to avoid hundreds of traps along the way, as well as numerous other enemies whose main purpose is to simply defeat Ched at all costs.

triptrap erapid games review

The game provides a very good gameplay that requires you to touch the screen only once in order to issue the commands. Each of the levels included within the game are unique, bringing you new and interesting challenges each time you manage to get the job done.

You get two different game modes to go through, the casual one which provides you with all the freedom that you want or the Puzzle mode where things are a little harder because you will need to work with a limited number of jumps unfortunately.

Overall, TripTrap comes with 5 different rooms and a total of around 100 levels that were manually designed to offer a wide range of challenges and a great experience.

Some of the puzzles can have more than a single solution, and that means that you will have a very good time trying to solve all the levels that come in your way.

The game oozes originality and cuteness, because everything from the graphical style to the soundtrack is simply beautiful and neatly done. Not only that, but the characters are very funny and you will have a great time just looking at them, while also trying to figure out your next move within the game.

triptrap erapid games review

Our character’s gear can be customized in any way you want, which we found rather amusing. The graphical style is top notch from our perspective, as it simply showcases how much love and commitment the developers placed into the creation of the game.

All in all, TripTrap is a great little iOS game that should be played in short bursts. It offers everything from a cute environment to great puzzles and numerous challenges. It might not be the next Angry Birds, but with enough content and frequent updates, this is a great game to try from time to time.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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