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Turbo Dismount erapid games news

Stair Dismount was a very interesting title when it appeared a while ago since it allowed you to push virtual people down the stairs and view the result. The interesting physics engine, as well as numerous other feature made the title a stellar one, and that is the main reason why a follow-up, named Turbo Dismount was announced recently.

However, the game shifts the direction of the previous title since it now places people in vehicles which, in their own turn, will be involved in realistic, physics based car accidents in the game world. The interesting thing about them is that you will actually get the opportunity to create your own traffic jam and see the disastrous outcome, with the help of a powerful physics based engine.

Turbo Dismount erapid games news

Turbo Dismount will feature a pay model that is very similar to the one available in Stair Dismount, since the title will be free to play, yet it will bring advertisements and some in-app purchases that will include new level packs. On top of that, you will also have the opportunity to play a small preview of the paid level packs if you watch some videos.

This payment model is quite unique and, dare we say, very efficient since it brings you an opportunity to actually test the levels before paying for them. If you don’t like advertisements or in-app purchases, then you can opt for a fee of $5.99 which will remove the ads and other limitations. Turbo Dismount does seem to bring a very exciting gameplay opportunity as well as new ideas in the genre, so we are looking forward towards its release.

The game is set to be quite an interesting release, especially for those of us that like realistic simulations. Turbo Dismount will be released in the next few days and you’ll get the opportunity to wreak havoc on the streets really soon.

You can watch the full trailer below: