Two Dots – connect all dots

two dots erapid games review

Two Dots – Game Review

When it comes to mobile games, the casual ones are the most popular because they allow fast, yet intense fun no matter where you are located. Two Dots is the prime example when it comes to fun casual games, as it allows you to connect and match the dots in order to get the highest score.

As expected, right from the start you will see that the game is very easy to play. The line dot gameplay is really nice and exciting, overall the game does bring a lot of shine and interesting mechanics for the casual player, which basically entice him to play more and more.

Your objective in Two Dots is to basically line then match three or more dots and make them burst. The more lines you manage to match, the better the results.

two dots erapid games review

You have the opportunity to play in different three game modes, which differ based on time, move count or difficulty. These are really nice and they do offer you with lots of different ways to test your matching skills.

We found the graphics in the game to be really exciting and unique so you will certainly have a lot of fun as you try to explore all the options that the game has to offer. The graphics are shiny and colorful, offering you with a one of a kind experience that you will certainly enjoy.

Thanks to the graphics and sounds you will have a great, smooth gaming experience which is more than impressive to say the least.

On top of that, there are 6 props that will help you reach a high score. All of these are combined into enticing you to play more as you try to reach a higher, better score.

two dots erapid games review

Playing the game is very easy, you need to make sure that you line the dots with the same color. The bigger the lines the higher the score you can get. However, despite the simplicity that appears at first, don’t be fooled because the gameplay mechanics are really hard and exciting. You will spend a lot of time as you try to get a better, higher score.

The casual gameplay in Two Dots is really nice, and we do like it a lot. While it might not be a game to play for hours and hours, because there’s not that much to it other than the simplicity of it, it’s still quite nice to play for a few minutes to pass the time.

Overall, we found Two Dots to be a fun, engaging game with lots to offer despite its simplicity. While it might not be the best looking game out there or the simplest, there is a market for it. If you do want a casual game that won’t require a lot of time, but which instead needs your skill and commitment during the levels, then this title is what you are seeking.

e-Rapid Games: 7/10

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