Free game Ultraflow receives Android release

ultraflow erapid games news

As an Android owner, you always want to have some games for those situations when you are on the go and want to play something relaxing. Ultraflow is exactly that kind of game, since it’s simplistic, yet very appealing and it can easily become challenging as you play.

The board comes with a monochromatic feel, which is not bad at all. However, the main focus of Ultraflow is on agility and the speed that needs to be continually improved in order for you to obtain astounding results in the end.

ultraflow erapid games news

The main idea in Ultraflow is simple, you need to complete each level within a bounce limit, there are no timers, no scores, just that one goal which may prove to be more than challenging. Ultraflow is free of charge and it doesn’t have any ads, which is really cool, and it also includes a variety of achievements if you are one of those game completionists that want to have it all.

Ultraflow brings 99 levels of pure madness, in which strategy as well as wits need to be combined together in order to succeed. The interesting thing about Ultraflow comes from the fact that this is basically a game created by five students in 6 months. It’s a sign to how creative the gaming minds are even in their youth, and the fact that they added this game on Google Play clearly shows their intention to create even more exciting and new games.

ultraflow erapid games news

Is Ultraflow something we would recommend? Sure, it’s a nice little game that brings a ton of unique elements. The game mechanic is far from being boring, and there’s always a new incentive to play more and more in order to win! You’ll like the game for sure, check it out by visiting the link below!

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