Unmechanical launches on Google Play

Unmechanical erapid news

Puzzle games have always been a very interesting thing because they allow us to play time and time again, without any problem as we try to find other solutions to the puzzles at hand. However, there are always new games that bring interesting additions to the genre, and one of them is Unmechanical.

Unmechanical comes with some very intuitive controls that can easily be applied to numerous types of interactions and the main purpose of the game is to get to the end of the levels as you try to solve some of the numerous puzzles available.

Unmechanical erapid news

Aside from the 30+ puzzles that you need to solve, which are all really good, you also get a pretty interesting story that will keep you moving forward as you start playing. The game world isn’t massive, but large enough so it will gain your interest. Moreover, the title is child friendly because it doesn’t portray any violence, instead it brings a large potential when it comes to puzzle solving, adventure and exploration of the game world.

As you play you will have the opportunity to go through the diverse, unique and beautiful game world that’s full of interesting details. The locations here are truly connected with the way you play, something that’s definitely a plus.

Unmechanical erapid news

Unmechanical is available right now on Android for $2.99 and it’s basically a port of the original game that has originally appeared on Steam a while ago. Having such a good puzzle game ported on Android devices is really nice, and thankfully more and more puzzle games will appear on this platforms, even if they will be PC ports or not. Nevertheless, this is a good time to be a puzzle game fan on Android, so go ahead and check out this wonderful game right away, because you won’t be disappointed!