Until Dawn – Cruelty Begins with PewDiePie

until dawn erapid video

Ladies and gentleman, we have lived Util Dawn! Even if it’s hard to believe, the game is finally out and can be bought for Play Station 4 (exclusively).

Why this game is ought to be good? Just picture it: ten friends have gathered at the Blackwood Pines lodge on Mounth Washington for their annual winter getaway. All they want to do to is to make fun of each other while being drunk most of the time. Sounds familiar? Yes, but, it was developed by quite a new English studio – Supermassive Games, founded in Guilford, 2008. Until Dawn is their first production on such a big scale, and we can assume they did the best they could to make it good. And second of all, who else can make such a great fun on bunch of awfully rich cheese Americans, if not Brits?

Those who played Until Dawn, claim it looks very realistic, sort of interaction movie. Many game characters have a body of the real actors, like Hayden Panettiere (Sam) , Ella Lantini (Hannah), Peter Stormare (dr Hill), and others. Their facial expressions are super-natural and the way camera moves, makes everything even more appealing.

If you’re still not interesting in this game, there is one more thing to mention. Every now and then you will be provided with a decision to make. It can be something not relevant at the moment, or a matter of life and death, but it all determines how the future events will evolve. Interested now? 😉

Watch PewDiePie having a lot of fun playing this long-awated horror game (a new  video coming each day, and there are two so far)!