Vainglory for Android to be launched soon – access the beta now

Vainglory is a very popular and action packed MOBA that already exists on a multitude of platforms, but it seems that Super Evil Megacorp, its developers, are planning to take the device to Android soon, as they have opened a beta admission that allows you to access the app in all of its beta glory right away.

It seems that the developers are looking mostly for person that have a next-gen android device, so if you don’t have such a phone/tablet then you will most likely not be chosen. Still, this MOBA is very interesting because it allows you to engage in massive battles in a wonderful game world.

Vainglory erapid games news

Based on our experience with the game, Vainglory does look really well, although the map does feel a little small. Still, the title does a great job when it comes to fast and action packed MOBA gameplay for Android.

There are a multitude of maps that you can play, and overall Vainglory really manages to keep you interested because there are a multitude of options open all the time.

It might seem a little hard at first, but Vainglory is actually beginner friendly, since it does come with a tutorial as well as other great stuff. The game has a good progression system and a lot of varied classes that you can opt for, as well as a multitude of characters. If you like MOBAs and want something a little different, then Vainglory might be right up your alley.

Vainglory erapid games news

In order to enroll in the beta version of Vainglory you will need to complete the form at here. Also, if you are curious about the way Vainglory plays, check out the trailer below.