Vikings: War of the Clans allows you to relive ancient times on Google Play

Vikings: War of the Clans erapid games news

Vikings: War of the Clans is one of those strategy games that offer you complete control over a wide range of interesting and exciting challenges.

The idea in this game is simple, you have to pick up a hero and then relive the history of the Vikings starting with 750 AD and up to 1050 AD, all through a wide range of missions and challenges.

The game requires you to build up your own stronghold and once that is done you need to conquer the world by pillaging those enemies that come in your way. You get rewards if you complete quests and tasks, no matter if you choose to do that on your own or with friends.

Vikings: War of the Clans erapid games news

You have a ton of cool stuff in the game as you try to create your clan. You train Vikings, you craft gear and do a lot of crazy, cool stuff which is really nice and exciting for all gamers. There are many types of buildings, but the main challenge comes from confronting enemies, which is a sheer delight in this game, that’s for sure!

Being able to create your own army, stronghold and use features such as crafting is really exciting in this game, and ideas such as crafting make things even more interesting. This game comes highly recommended, mainly thanks to the stunning graphics and astounding detail which can be found all over the app. Just give it a shot right now, it will not disappoint!

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