Warling – Micro War

Warling erapid games review

Warling – Games Review

Are you ready… for war? Get plenty more action into your colourful life by playing Warling, the ultimate 2D puzzle-shooting game!

To start playing, you will need to select a game mode first. Warling is a game that provides both single player and multiplayer options (via Bluetooth or the internet)! This means you should go ahead, grab your closest buddies and get them to play this game with you in real time! However, if your games-playing friends are in short supply, no worries! You can play with various other Warling players from all around the world as well!

If you want to learn the game first, it’s best to start with a round or two of single player. After selecting the option, you’ll be prompted to choose a difficulty – easy, normal or hard. Then, you’ll be asked to select a battlefield (on the left side of the screen). Warling provides up to 6 different battlefields for you to choose from and all of them are free to unlock, provided that you have sufficient medals. Medals can be earned by winning matches. Some examples of these battlefields include the graveyard, air battle and mushroom. On the right side you’ll get the number of warlings you want to deploy. Although you are given a range of 1 to 5 to choose from, know that whatever number you choose, your opponent will match your number of warlings in kind.

Warling erapid games review

Once everything’s done, you’ll be thrown straight into battle! This game is very similar to those tank-shooting arcade games of old. One of the first things you should know is that the game is turn-based and at every turn, you are given the control of only 1 warling. Each warling will also display their health above their heads in the form of numbers. They will die when the number dropped to zero.

The controls are fairly simple to learn, though the game can be challengingly hard to master! To move or jump, there are “move” and “jump” buttons on the bottom menu bar. Once your warling is in position, tap on the weapon button, choose your execution tool, aim it and shoot (or in the case of grenades, throw). Do take note that you are given only 30 seconds to make your move, so don’t dally! You can view the time you have left at the “end turn” button, and of course, you can also end your turn earlier if you like.

For games such as Warling, the camera option is very important. It’ll allow you to see the entire battlefield so you can aim at a much further away target or to focus on a small part of the battlefield instead! Thus, you can swipe the camera around as well as zoom in or out as you wish. However, once you have your warling drawn its weapon, you will not be able to move the camera anymore… this was something I’ve discovered to my chagrin. So, be sure to first position your camera properly so you can view your target.

Warling erapid games review

Each game provides up to 3 medals as rewards for you to earn and it depends on the causalities you’ve sustained. If you’ve barely scraped through, you can definitely expect getting only 1 medal. With these medals, you can unlock new battlefields and even a range of weapons of mass destructions at the armory, including crowd favourites, such as the minigun… up to a total of 18 weapons! There are also specials that you can unlock, like the swap option, which will allow you to swap turns with other warlings.

In short, Warling is a challenging yet fun puzzle-shooter game to play, especially with your friends! Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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