We Happy Few – a trailer and more!

we happy few erapid video

Do you miss a bit odd, out of the world psychological games? Good news for you then, because Compulsion Games are working on one! It is called We Happy Few and some information were revealed just a few days ago at PAX East.

The world in this game is very colorful and people seem to be happy and sympathetic. The truth is that you can live in such disturbed utopia, pretending everything’s fine and try to be like everybody else (who take drugs to stay “happy”), but if you want to stand out and do something extraordinary, – you will be punished. So, as our protagonist thinks differently, he has a very hostile environment and it won’t be easy to blend in. Normally, the others won’t attack you, until you “provoke” them with your behavior. This includes running, trespassing, fighting, or being unique in any way. And a guy called Uncle Jack will always be there to remind you what you can and can’t do.

we happy few erapid games video

The visuals of We Happy Few can be compared to BioShock, but we have to remember that the second one was developed by much bigger studio and on a much larger scale. Still, the idea of We Happy Few is very promising and although we would have to wait for about a year to play it, it is still exciting!

we happy few erapid games video