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Weed Firm 2 erapid games review

Weed Firm 2 – Games Review

On his wits’ end, Ted Growing knew that the state police are mere minutes away from his impressive grow-op until someone came by and offered him a way out. He took it. From there, he returned to the safest place he knew – the college he dropped out from, and set up shop in an abandoned basketball gym… leading us to the sequel to this amazing game series, Weed Firm 2!

The game is fairly simple to understand and play. What you’ll basically need to do in this game is to buy weed seeds from the store, grow them in pots and once they’re done, harvest and sell them to your many rather eccentric customers. Weed Firm 2 provides quite a range of seeds that you can buy, such as bush weed, sativa, white widow and others, making up a total of 7 different types including a special alien strain of weed… hey, aliens need something to help them chill out too! Besides weed, you can also grow hallucinogenic shrooms, like forest shrooms, Mexican shrooms and Colombian shrooms.

Now that you have your seeds, you just need a pot to plant them in. Pots are consumables – not that they can be eaten or anything like that… it means that they will be used up fairly quickly, if you’re a hardworking weed grower, of course. They will usually break after several harvests and the lifespan of each pot vary depending on the type of pot you buy. Do note that pots can be pretty expensive, so you’d be sure to earn enough from your weed-selling business to cover your investment costs.

Weed Firm 2 erapid games review

The seeds’ are in the pots, now what? Well, do you know what plants need? Sunshine and plenty of water! So, you’ll need to purchase water from the store to keep watering your plants. Watering your weeds will cost you “high” and once your “high” runs out, you’ll need to go take a break (by, as the game suggests, smoking a joint) and wait for the “high” to regenerate itself. You can also hasten the process by using boosters to accelerate the growth of your weeds.

The selling part of the process is rather fascinating in Weed Form 2. For example, if you’re too slow to get the door when a client is there, you’ll lose their respect. Clients with low respect buy less weed. Furthermore, the game features a range of clients with their own different personalities, like hipster, model, DJ, rasta and even a plumber! Some pay less, some pay more, and by figuring out who usually pays more, you can selectively sell your weed and maximise your profits!

If someone decides to be cocky with you, you just can ask them to piss off… guess this is one of the perks of being the dealer! There are also times when you can buy drugs that you cannot produce from your clients instead. For instance, you can get pills from Lucy the nurse and expand your range of drugs available for your other clients.

Weed Firm 2 erapid games review

There are also other stuff that you can do, like tasks that you can complete to earn more money and decorations that you can buy to get the ladies to come back more often. As you progress, you can even double as a DJ and organize parties once you have a turntable and speakers purchased.

In short, although the gameplay may not have changed much and the pop-up ads are super-annoying, the story in Weed Firm 2 is still entertaining! Fans of Weed Firm: RePlanted would definitely enjoy this game. Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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