Westbound: Gold Rush – Wild West

Westbound: Gold Rush erapid games review

Westbound: Gold Rush – Games Review

Go ahead and place the back of your hand on your neck and forehead. Do you feel that? That’s the gold fever, my friend! So, come and join the rest of the gang for the gold rush at Westbound: Gold Rush! As more people join in, your little camp will soon evolve into a full-blown western town, with you being its founder!

You are on your way to the Wild West in search of gold when your wagon breaks down in a hidden valley! Instead of despairing, you look at the situation optimistically and decided to start searching for gold in this valley. However, before you can do anything, you’ll need a place to call home.

Being in the middle of nowhere, you have to ensure that your humble camp is as self-sufficient as it can be. This means that you will need to plant, water and grow your own crops for food. Crops will take some time to grow and if you want to speed things up, you’ll need to use tonic. Don’t forget to harvest your crops once they are mature! You can even plant fruit trees and start picking ripe fruits once they are grown!

Westbound: Gold Rush erapid games review

You’ll also need a variety of facilities, such as a well for clean water supply and a camp fire. All of these buildings require resources and you will need to find a way to get them, such as from scouring the debris that circles the valley or opening the outlaw stashes that were somehow washed down the river. Sometimes, you may even uncover something special too!

You should decorate your place up with a bit of vegetation as well – I’m sure you’re tired of seeing only brown dirt and sand. Decoration costs coins or gold bars (premium currency) and ranges from bushes to flowers, to even different types of grasses! Not to mention, with more decorations, the freedom points of your camp will increase and allowing you to support more and more houses.

One of the most frustrating and game-breaking parts of the game is that the game is practically a wait-fest. Each action, especially basic ones, takes quite a long time and it feels like the game is forcing you to spend more time in the game… just waiting. For instance, to water a plant you will need to wait 30 seconds. That may seem short for 1 plant, but imagine if you were to water plots of crops and trees too. After all, you are not feeding only yourself; you have to feed an entire camp of people! The only workaround to this game is by spending the tonic that they so generously gave you, until even it ran out. In fact, picking up an item you found for a quest requires you to wait 5 minutes, effectively locking down one of your settlers, so you cannot ask him or her to do something else in the meantime.

Westbound: Gold Rush erapid games review

The game’s notification system is truly annoying, giving you numerous notifications to remind you to return to the game, and there is no option to turn it off. Certain important resources, like pickaxes, are very rarely found too, forcing you to purchase more pickaxes or complete its many partner offers to get more.

On the whole, I think Westbound: Gold Rush is a perfect game if you have the patience of an angel or a bottomless wallet. Due to its many pay-or-wait walls, I can’t truly recommend this game to anyone, despite its rather interesting adventure-and-exploration-based gameplay. Nonetheless, since the game is free-to-play, there’s no harm in giving it a go!

e-Rapid Games rate: 5/10

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