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Wimp: Ultimate erapid games review

Wimp: Ultimate – Games Review

Wimp: Ultimate is a platform-based puzzler with some very interesting and unique game mechanics in addition to its many challenging levels. The story in this game goes like this…

One night, Wimp, the main character in this game, was woken up by a fantastic-looking golden mechanical bug, which promptly flew into the toilet bowl. Being the curious sort of creature he is, Wimp follows the bug head first into the drainage system. Little did he know, he ended up in a trap devised by the blue bacteria-like creatures! They drop him into a prison and kept him there. Suddenly, an asteroid-like object hit the ship that Wimp and his captors were in. The ship crashed landed in the world of sewage with its complicated network of drains. This is where you come in! Help Wimp get back home by navigating him through the dangerous sewers!

Wimp: Ultimate erapid games review

The controls in the game consist of 4 keys – the left and right movement buttons on the left side of the screen, and the jump and stick button on the right side of your screen. By using the left and right keys, you can also get your Wimp to push light objects, such as cardboard boxes, to the correct position so you can get your Wimp to higher ground or to reach an item at a high position. Not to mention, with the perfect combination of keys, you could even get your Wimp to bounce in between smooth walls!

As you may have noticed, your Wimp is surrounded by gelatinous greenish goo and that’s the substance that made the game mechanics, or to be precise the sticking mechanics, in Wimp: Ultimate so unique! The stick key is vital in this game. You can use it to move objects by sticking onto it and rolling it over. You can even pull down light objects, like cardboard boxes, if you stick to the correct place. You can also ‘hitchhike’ on a mechanical moving platform and use it like a lift by sticking to its bottom. Furthermore, once you stick onto something, you cannot move until you unstick. This made the game so much harder as you’ll need to accurately hit the correct position in order for it to work. However, there are watery blue areas in the game that prevents your Wimp from sticking to it (since it’s wet and all).

Wimp: Ultimate erapid games review

The game objective in this game is simple – you just need to get your Wimp into the drain at the end of the level to proceed. However, the drain hole is stoppered until you’ve collected the underwear suspended in green goo… much like what Wimp has. There is no time limit for each level, but you are given limited lives. Thankfully, the game is very generous as to provide 100 lives for you to play at your leisure. With very little Wimp deaths, you can go very far with those 100 lives. If you somehow ran out of lives, you can get 10 more every 30 minutes.

Moreover, each level contains 3 glowing toilet rolls that you need to collect for bonus points. These toilet rolls can then be used at the shop to purchase new skins for your Wimp. Wimp: Ultimate provides its players with many quests/ stages, each containing as many as 20 levels. So, you won’t need to worry that you’ll run out of levels to play soon!

In short, Wimp: Ultimate is a very challenging and excellently designed puzzler with exciting game mechanics and very beautiful graphics. Explore the world of sewage with your Wimp today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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