The Witcher Adventure Game gets launched on iOS Android and Steam

Recently CD Projekt RED have launched a real life board game and now they have also adapted it to the digital world as well. Named The Witcher Adventure Game, the title is set in the same world like the books and movies which portray Geralt, but this time we also get to experience a one of a kind journey that can be taken throughout the whole land.

The Witcher Adventure Game erapid games news

The game is filled with quests, and these also relate to the game quite a lot. From solving mysteries to hunting beasts and unraveling political intrigues, there’s a whole lot to do in The Witcher Adventure Game. Of course, there are also lots of consequences based on your actions, so even if this is a board game, it manages to successfully capture the essence of the original Witcher titles which is amazing

The Witcher Adventure Game erapid games news

In The Witcher Adventure Game you have the opportunity to take control of four different characters, which are Triss, Geralt, Dandelion and Yarpen. All of them have lots of skills and techniques to overcome problem, so the challenge is yours in regards to how are you going to use your character in order to defeat the others. You can engage in charm, diplomacy or just plain attacks, it’s up to you to choose when and how to play. It’s important to note that The Witcher Adventure Game comes with more than 30 different types of monsters as well as around 290 cards that you can play, so there’s a ton of variety in the title.

The Witcher Adventure Game erapid games news

The Witcher Adventure Game brings you more adventures for Geralt, and this time you can share the excitement with your friends. The game is very good, and with so many challenges and quests, you will definitely have your hands full until The Witcher III is released!

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