Wolfenstein The Old Blood gameplay by theRadBrad

wolfenstein the old blood erapid video

May is a truly rich month when talking about games: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition, Mortal Kombat, Project CARS, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and many many more! Among them there’s also Wolfenstein The Old Blood! The series itself has its loyal fans all over the world and it’s been a year since The New Order release, so the timing was perfect for another great part. This time it’s a prequel and an extension in one, with new types of weapon and locations. Good news is that it’s still a standalone game to play and it was developed by the same Swedish studio – MachineGames, which have taken care to make it as beautiful as the last part.

In Wolfenstein The Old Blood your protagonist B. J. Blazkowicz is thrown into Wolfenstein Castle to obtain some secret papers, revealing the location of general Deathshead, who heads the SS Special Projects Division. While the plan is well-though and organized, things get messy in a quite short time.  Blazkowicz and his colleague Agent One got captured and have to find a way out the prison.

This is basically how Wolfenstein The Old Blood starts and it’s also a beginning of an amazing PS4 gameplay by one of our favorite youtubers – theRadBrad! Enjoy! 😉