Woolers Racing – need for sheep

Woolers Racing erapid games review

Woolers Racing – Games Review

No matter what platform you choose to play them on, the reality is that racing games are just plain fun and filled with excitement. The downside however is that most of them are bringing you a similar experience, unless you try Woolers Racing. Right after you start this game you will immediately see that this is no ordinary racing game, and the first clue comes from the racers, that are actually sheep.

These wonderful animals will be raced in some very interesting, farm based locations, and your only objective is to become the ultimate team manager by gaining the most money and winning tournaments. Of course, the ultimate goal is to enroll and win the International Wooler Racing Federation, a fabled competition where you will face only the best of the best.

Woolers Racing erapid games review

The gameplay is quite interesting in Woolers Racing because it basically revolves around the idea of customizing and then training your team in order to provide the best results. Of course, you need to try and get the best results, and that requires a lot of intense training, at least until you get the best possible results.

Alongside that, you also have the ability to purchase a wide range of items that will allow you to get the upper hand in the races. From simple shoes to powerful boosters, all of these are designed to offer you a stellar experience, and the main fun here comes from experimenting with all of them and having the best results. After all, the game is all about taking chances and seeing the results, so experimentation does play a major role.

Then there’s the customization side of the game, where the title shines as well. With a plethora of helmets and other items to add, you can easily customize your sheep, not to mention that you can easily change its name if you want and the eye or wool color.

Woolers Racing brings numerous races, a thing that we liked a lot. The interesting idea about these races is that they happen in different places so you don’t have the same backgrounds over and over, instead the graphics are amazing for each one and seeing your sheep race is a delight. The character design is also very good, so Woolers Racing does a great job from a visual standpoint. The more races you win, the higher the level you will be able to get, which means that you will get access to more and more items in the end which is great!

Woolers Racing erapid games review

The game will even bring you the opportunity to gain sponsorships that will help in customizing your sheep and standing out in front of the competition.

With more than 80 different items, numerous trophies to win and 4 different wooler families, there’s a lot of content to go through in Woolers Racing and you can be sure that you’ll have a ton of fun exploring everything. The game brings a great lasting value, so you can easily find yourself playing it for hours and hours. It’s a great game that’s well worth your time! Check it out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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