Word Quest – battle with a word

word quest erapid games review

Word Quest – Games Review

Looking for a fun word-search game to play? Look no further! Word Quest is definitely the one you seek!

In Word Quest, all you need to do is to find the hidden word (or words, sometimes, you can have more than 1 answer) from the scrambled letters given, making the game very easy to pick up. For example, if the letters given are A, N, O, E, C – you can form the word CANOE or OCEAN. Honestly, even a child with a good set of vocabulary could have a great time playing this game!

Each puzzle you solve will earn you a fixed rate of 3 coins and after completing a set number of puzzles, you will be rewarded with one bonus spin. Bonus spin works like a wheel of fortune whereby you can win a minimum of 50 coins up to a maximum of 150 coins! These coins are very valuable, as you’ll soon see, so do keep them.

word quest erapid games review

The game starts off with a few easy three-letter words. However, as you progress, you’ll be soon facing four to seven-letter words, which are certainly more difficult to solve. It’s rather inevitable that you’ll encounter several stages that you couldn’t solve even after cracking your brains for days! If you get stumped on any of the stages, don’t panic! The game offers a way for you to get a hint or two, provided that you have enough in-game money (89 coins per hint) to buy it. Just tap on the magnifying glass button (green) to reveal a letter hint! It may just be that trigger to help you think of the correct word. Furthermore, if you want to take an even faster way out, you could always spend a whopping 500 coins to solve the entire word. Yes, it is THAT expensive to cheat. But then, who would want to do that? It’s definitely more challenging to try solving the word puzzles yourself!

Having an enjoyable time exercising your brain? Well, don’t worry that you’ll run out of puzzles any time soon! Word Quest boasts of having 1250 puzzles and more are being added with every update! These puzzles are grouped into 30 different levels in this game and you will get to wind your way through an enchanting, magical kingdom every time you complete a level. By solving word puzzles, you can explore new beautiful territories all the way to the final castle! Furthermore, don’t forget to connect to Facebook and compete with your friends to see who can reach the castle first!

word quest erapid games review

Besides English, this game is also available in other languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. Not to mention, Word Quest is compatible with iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free!

In a nutshell, this very addictive game is surely a must download for those who want some adventure in a word game while developing their vocabulary and spelling skills. So, Wordies (word game lovers), think you are up to the challenge? Start unscrambling words in Word Quest today!

e-RapidGames rate: 8.5/10

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