World of Tanks Blitz receives update with tanks and new map

world of tanks blitz erapid games news

World of Tanks: Blitz is a very interesting game as it manages to bring the stellar tank battle experience that we know from desktop gamers onto mobile. In fact, it does such a good job that despite being launched quite recently, the game has amassed a very large audience.

This is the main reason behind the new 1.6 update. This particular update strives to bring even more content to this great mobile hit in the form of game tweaks which are indeed a necessity, as well as new map and a few tanks as well.

world of tanks blitz erapid games news

These new tanks are British and they have a low speed, but endure more damage in combat, something that you will definitely like. Alongside that, the new tanks bring some high rate of fire and stellar elevation angles, so it means that these are more suitable for persons with a more strategic gameplay experience. Moreover, it seems that v actually comes with a whole new tech tree too.

There’s also a new map added in World of Tanks: Blitz, and this one is Castilla, a Spain themed map that provides some interesting gameplay choices, since it offers numerous hills and cover support that you will appreciate.

world of tanks blitz erapid games news

Lastly, World of Tanks: Blitz does implement some tweaks too, especially those that are designed to provide you with better performance on multiple types of mobile devices, especially the older iOS ones which did have a problem running World of Tanks: Blitz until the 1.6 update.

To be honest, World of Tanks: Blitz is a blast to play, and this update makes you come back to the game even more, since there’s a lot of new stuff to check out. If you are into tank battles and you didn’t try World of Tanks: Blitz yet, then check it out right now!

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