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World of Warriors erapid games review

World of Warriors – Games Review

In World of Warriors, King Boneshaker and his cronies have invaded the land and taken it hostage. To defeat them, it’ll take plenty of guts and determination. I pray that you have both…

World of Warriors is an exciting team-based combat game. It features awesome-looking combat animation as well as plenty of adorable little 3D-cartoon warriors. The game starts off with an engaging storyline along with a tutorial. These are only the cream on the pie though; wait till you see the cherry on top – its combat mechanism!

The controls are very easy to learn, but are definitely hard to master, since they rely heavily on your twitch reflexes. During combat, tap the ‘attack’ button to make your hero perform a normal attack. However, in order to cause maximum damage to your opponent, you will need to tap the rapidly-moving marker when it reaches the red area on the meter. This is where your reflexes are tested to the limit! It’ll certainly take you several times before you can get your attacks to hit perfectly.

World of Warriors erapid games review

Each hero will also have his own special move. These moves, which use up 3 mana orbs, can cause strong elemental damage, a poison effect, or they may even heal your team members. To make a good hit with your hero’s special move, you will need to make sure the moving white circle stops close to or on the red circle. Your reflexes also play a pivotal role here!

Elemental damage in this game follows a strict advantage-disadvantage system. For example, fire will deal more damage to earth, but less to water. Each hero will have an element that he is associated to, so be sure not to send the wrong type of heroes into battle!

Furthermore, each match you participated in will cost you food. The amount of food consumed will be determined by the number of heroes you took to battle, which in turn depends on how many opponents you have.

World of Warriors erapid games review

In World of Warriors, you will always need to seek stronger heroes for your team to successfully challenge the higher levels. There are 2 ways you can recruit heroes to your cause. The easiest, Honor Door, requires 5 honor stones and it may give you a 1-star hero. It may give you a variety of other items, such as potions and talisman scrolls, instead as well. It’s all up to luck! You can easily earn honor stones from treasure chests from battles, daily prize or from completing achievements.

The other, much tougher alternative method involves the Temple of Epics. The temple will provide you with a 2-star hero or 3-star hero, but, to enter the temple, you will need to have 10 gems, which you will need real money to buy. You can also earn gems via harder-to-earn achievements.

If you cannot afford to recruit a new hero, you can always upgrade your current heroes. Once your hero is maxed out in experience points, you can send him to training by spending some coins. You can also augment the power of your heroes (2 stars and above) by crafting and equipping talismans.

I find it exhilarating that the game has commentaries (something like in DotA). It can even be pretty funny to hear insults, like ‘pathetic’, in a deep sombre voice when you performed a weak attack.

In short, World of Warriors is an addictive, fun and reflex-dependant combat game where you get to pit your team of heroes against others. This game will surely get your adrenaline rushing! Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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