Wowhead Garrison Timer releasead for Android and iOS

Wowhead Garrison Timer erapid games news

If you play World of Warcraft, then you know how hard it is to keep track of all activities, especially the garrison time for example. Thankfully, it seems that each problem has a solution nowadays, and the aforementioned one is solved by the Wowhead Garrison Timer. Created specifically for those users that want to receive notifications when they missions and orders have been completed. It might seem hard at first, but the app does help you a lot.

Wowhead Garrison Timer erapid games news

It might not control the mission and work orders, but it allows you to get complete control over the notifications that you receive. And believe us, from what we see the notifications work really well and receiving them does remove a lot of hassle from the whole experience.

Installing the app is very easy, as there are both iOS and Android versions that you can play right away. When it comes to orders, you need to enter up the amount of orders you queued and the app will tell you shortly when they are complete. On top of that, you need to enter the current missions and then you can receive the alerts when a return to the garrison is needed. The app even allows you to saw if there’s a follower with you or not!

Wowhead Garrison Timer erapid games news

Seeing the duration of your mission and the work orders is great for any World of Warcraft, and since the app works well with the latest expansion, then things are even better, as you will get the best notifications very fast, and that is great!

We think that this is a must use app for any World of Warcraft enthusiast, so go ahead and check it out right now! Have a nice play.

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