WRC The Official Game receives an Android release on Google Play

WRC The Official Game erapid games news

Most official racing championships have their own games, but until now WRC didn’t receive its own Android game. Until now! WRC The Official Game is the brand new adaptation of the WRC championship in the mobile world. In this title you will have the opportunity to drive all of the 18 officials cars of the WRC, including some special ones as well.

The game also allows you to choose one of the real life drivers or you can create your own driver if you want. In fact, WRC The Official Game allows you to play with the WRC team that allows you to take the rally experience as close as possible to the real thing.

WRC The Official Game erapid games news

With the help of 13 different stages of WRC, a fully-fledged championship as well as around 60 stages in total, WRC The Official Game brings a lot of content that you can peruse at your own pace.

Even if the game comes with a realistic damage, the reality is that you can use the rewind feature which is presented more and more in games nowadays! There is a lot of realism in the game though, since the title does enable you to repair your vehicle between stages, but within a limited time!

The controls in WRC The Official Game are precise, mainly because the title provides a professional motion detection that makes driving a car a sheer delight.

WRC The Official Game erapid games news

Moreover, WRC The Official Game comes with 3 different camera modes that enable you to tailor your experience according to your own needs!

Even the interface can be customized if you want, so the game offers quite a lot of control over all of its content, something that’s unprecedented in this genre.

Thanks to the immense number of stages, intense races as well as many achievements, the game is filled with content and things to do. If you want a good rally game to play on your Android device, this might be a good solution. WRC The Official Game has been launched recently on Google Play and you can grab it from the link below:

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