WWE Immortals or Injustice with wrestlers sees the light of day

WWE Immortals erapid games news

Warner Bros is known for releasing some great games, and they recently released the excellent Injustice game as a mobile recreation of the original game on the PC. Since the title attracted a lot of players towards the experience, it was little time since WWE Immortals received its announcement too, but while fans thought that this could be something different, they were definitely mistaken.

WWE Immortals is basically a wrestling based Injustice game, which is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, in fact this is a very good game that everyone needs to try. The problem here comes from the fact that many of us will be entices to play the title and see something more than Injustice, which clearly isn’t.

WWE Immortals erapid games news

But this is the only downside! This free game has a stellar set of touch mechanics and beautiful graphics that will help you get the most out of your 3 on 3 battles. You can change your wrestlers at any time, and thankfully you have a wide range of wrestlers to choose from, which is great to say the least.

You have the opportunity to level up your wrestlers and use them in the competition with their upgraded powers. Of course, the better the level of your wrestler, the higher the results that it can achieve, so you are bound to appreciate what the WWE Immortals game has to offer.

WWE Immortals erapid games news

Of course, no fighting game would be good enough without a multiplayer component. WWE Immortals brings an online fighting mode where you can compete in ranked matches and which can provide you with numerous rewards.

This mode is not only an incentive towards playing better, but it’s also extraordinary challenging, since you can play against people from all over the world.

WWE Immortals is bound to offer an incredible experience if you like fighting games, so do not hesitate and check it out right now!

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