WWE Immortals will receive new updates soon

WWE Immortals erapid games news

WWE Immortals is a nice game, but it seems so much like Injustice, at least for the time being. With the help of a new update that seems to be on its way, WWE Immortals is set to bring a whole new set of interesting features into the mix. Simply put, now that Wrestlemania is over, WWE Immortals will receive a new event system as well as two new characters that you will enjoy playing with for sure.

The two new characters included with this new update are the Macho Man Randy Savage as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is the second wave of characters that was added to the game, following the addition of Randy Orton the past month.

WWE Immortals erapid games news

There will be two flavors for each one of the two characters, and this will definitely be enjoyed by all players that have focused, until now, to enrich their experience and unlock new characters at the same time.

Announced is also a new set of ladder event systems that will bring a make over to the game menu. Of course, there’s a ton of stuff to be had in the game already, so some might argue that adding the new event system might not be on the other hand. However, it’s nice to know that there are new characters added to the game, because this is always a great thing. How much they are going to impact the gameplay is unknown for the time being, but overall you will definitely like the direction where things are headed with this game.

WWE Immortals erapid games news

WWE Immortals’s new update is on its way to Android, but a release date is uncertain, yet it should be coming in the next week if everything pans out as it should.