Zeptolab announces King of Thieves to be released soon

king of thieves erapid games news

We all know Zeptolab as being the developer of Cut the Rope, a game that had a similar success to Angry Birds, but what we don’t know is that they have been hard at work creating a whole new, excellent and impressive experience in the form of King of Thieves, a game that is set to launch soon, most probably during the next month.

The developer hasn’t been to keep to say what will exactly be included in the game other than a few details, but it did release a trailer which you can watch below.

Details seem to suggest that King of Thieves is basically a hybrid between an automatic running platformer game as well as a tower defense game with a deep multiplayer focus. It’s fair to say that this particular mix has never been tried before, and there are numerous people that bring skepticism into the mix right now.

king of thieves erapid games news

But let’s face it, the most interesting ideas are the one that will survive in the end, and King of Thieves’s intriguing gameplay might be the recipe to bring Zeptolab back into the spotlight. This is one great and promising game that tries to bring the Rayman Jungle Run experience into the world of Clash of Clans, or something around those lines. Sure, it’s a crazy thing to do, and a risky one at the same time, but if there is someone to pull this off that would definitely be Zeptolab.

Without any actual gameplay, it’s hard to figure out how the game really is, but the ideas look promising and we can’t wait to see King of Thieves in action!