Zig Zag – Ball Rolling

Zig Zag erapid games review

Zig Zag – Games Review

Push your twitch reflex to the limit in this insanely challenging arcade game by Ketchapp, Zig Zag! In this game, you’ll be taking control of a rapidly moving black ball. Like its namesake, what you need to do in this game is to guide the black ball by zig-zagging its way on the walls. Try not to fall off the edge though!

The gameplay is very simple in Zig Zag – you’ll need to touch the screen to change the movement direction of the black ball and stay on the wall for as long as you can! There’s even a nice sound effect that will tell you every time you tap your screen. This is a very useful feature as, while being completely immersed in this simple yet thrilling game, you may just accidentally tapped too lightly for the device to register it. It’s like a cool failsafe!

Every tap or change of movement that you do in this game will reward you with 1 point. There are also diamonds that you can collect as the ball rolls along the wall. Diamonds will give you 2 points each instead and will be accumulated at the end of every game. Once you’ve collected 100 diamonds, they can then be used to purchase new balls at the in-app shop.

Zig Zag erapid games review

Furthermore, the ‘map’ or wall configuration changes every time you play a new round! Some are easier to score points on as they have stretches of straight walls while some are slightly more difficult due to having a lot of tight turns. However, you’ll notice that getting the hang of the game can be very tough due to the fact that the little black ball moves pretty fast. You’ll need to rely on your split-second reflexes to time your taps well in order to be good at this game!

If you’re the competitive sort, you can also sign in to Google Plus to see how you’ll fair on the leaderboard. You can even compete with your friends to see who has the highest score! There are achievements that you can strive for in Zig Zag as well!

Zig Zag erapid games review

The only downside for this game I’d say is that at the end of almost every round, there’ll be the annoying, in-your-face type of ad that pops up. However, if you would like to have them gone, it’s as easy as shelling out a bit of real money. You’ll be supporting the developer of the game too!

Though not as frustrating as the infamous Flappy Bird, this game does challenge your reflexes along with your EQ to their limit! As it is easy to just restart and play another round whenever you failed, and thus you may find yourself playing 20 or more rounds at a time before realising what had happened. It is that addictive! The game does not impose any form of limitation on how many times you can play the game either, so feel free to play to your heart’s content! If you enjoy challenging reflex-based games, Zig Zag is definitely a game that you mustn’t miss out on! Download it for free today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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