Zombie House – scary adventure

zombie house erapid games review

Zombie House – Game Review

There have been a plethora of zombie games appearing recently on the market, but being able to have a zombie game on Android is definitely interesting. With this premise we have touched the Zombie house title, as its idea is definitely a very interesting and appealing one.

zombie house erapid games review

Zombie house is a game where you are placed into a haunted house and your only objective is to escape the haunted house from the zombie threat. Alongside this action packed feeling you will also have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of puzzles that have a scary atmosphere. The puzzles in this title are suitable for the overall theme that you can get here, and in the end you do get an amazing experience after solving them, even though some of these puzzles are really hard to solve unfortunately.

It’s very hard to escape the haunted house unfortunately, so you need to cope with numerous challenges here. But if you do succeed, you will able to get even better results in the end, because this is all that matters.

This adventure game has a very scary premise, however this doesn’t remove from the overall fun that the game provides. In fact, it will astonish you with the high amount of detail and numerous interesting locations that you will explore.

On top of that, Zombie house successfully manages to combine amazing graphics and some difficult puzzles, so you will get an astonishing experience if you give this game a try.

What we liked about it is that you won’t have to go through some amazing tutorials, and instead you will get a hands on experience that you will enjoy. The game offers hours upon hours of scary moments that are very exciting. The scary gameplay will appeal to a wide range of gamers!

zombie house erapid games review

The large amount of enemies in the game is also recommended as well, as we have numerous types of ghosts, zombies and very scary antagonists that just wait to be discovered. Being prepared is essential What we do need to mention is that you do have the opportunity to find a wide range of hidden objects, locks and keys that can be used to unlock numerous challenges as you play. Overall, we found the game very easy to get into but, just like any other title in the genre, it can be a little difficult to master, which only makes you play more and more as time passes.

Zombie house is a very good game if you are looking for an adventure title with zombies, but the scary atmosphere and the hard puzzles might scare some gamers. Even so, it’s a very good reminder at how good the zombie games can be on a tablet, and the fact that it is free surely makes it even more appealing. Try it out, if you are a fan of spooky stuff you will like it for sure!

e-Rapid Games Rate: 8.5/10